double-helical gear

double-helical gear
/dub"euhl hel'i keuhl/.

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  • double helical gear — A gear with two rows of inclined teeth, each forming an open V or chevron. Also called herringbone gear …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • helical gear — A gear that has the teeth cut at an angle to the center line of the gear. This kind of gear is useful because there is no chance of intermittent tooth to tooth operation because there are at least two teeth engaged at any time. Also helical gears …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • gear — Wheel like part with teeth cut into the rim. When one gear meshes with another gear, it causes the second gear to drive the other and in this way transmits power. When the gears are different sizes (different number of teeth on each gear) the… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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  • herringbone gear — noun : a gear with double helical teeth inclined in reverse directions and making a herringbone pattern * * * a helical gear having teeth that lie on the pitch cylinder in a V shaped form so that one half of each tooth is on a right handed helix… …   Useful english dictionary

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